Urban Mapping Q1 2014 Neighborhood Boundary Update

We’re pleased to announce our latest update to neighborhood boundaries, the product that put us on the (map!) in 2006. This release features increased coverage in over 370 cities across 7 new countries.  This brings global coverage to more than 127,000 neighborhoods across 40 countries. Our sights are now set on our Q2 update which will include new attributes and expanded coverage.

More, better neighborhoods

Good things come during the holidays, like updated neighborhood data from Urban Mapping! This quarter we continued to expand coverage to include over 120,000 neighborhoods 34 countries. Equally important is responding to evolving user needs. We’ve expanded our Local Relevance attribute from a boolean to indexed value. New this quarter is an Editorial Sensitivity. These new attributes mean developers have even flexibility in creating applications tailored to customer needs.

Local Relevance is an indexed value based on a variety of metrics of social/cultural significance and popularity. Using a mix of log data and social media, Urban Mapping created an attribute that measures importance, allowing developers to whittle down a comprehensive set of neighborhoods to something more manageable. For example, in the five boroughs of New York City our database counts over 300 neighborhoods. For one kind of application, cultural and historical detail (think Alphabet City and Hell’s Kitchen) will be critical. For a mobile-based social networking application, dividing NYC into (say) 30 of the most important neighborhoods could be sufficient.

Editorial Sensitivity can be used to address scenarios where a publisher might want to “tone down” their property to cater to a given audience. As great as we think the “Funk Zone” in Santa Monica is, some publishers might feel differently!

If you are interested in learning more about our neighborhood boundary database, help yourself to an evaluation!

Neighborhood coverage Q4Y13

Urban Mapping Adtech and Web Publishing Solutions

Holidays bring good things of all kinds, including product announcements! This week we are live at The Kelsey Group’s Leading in Local conference in San Francisco. We’re announcing several online advertising products that provide increased geographic context, better user experience and increase monetization. What are these, you may ask?

  • GeoMods – a geotargeting tool that helps online advertisers increase effectiveness of campaigns. With access to Urban Mapping’s geographic warehouse of on-demand data, GeoMods provides a long tail of geo-expansion terms. With GeoMods, advertisers and agencies can perform truly hyperlocal geotargeting with accuracy far greater than traditional IP geotargeting. Try the demo!

  • Neighborhoods & Transit – Leverage Mapfluence to incorporate neighborhoods and transit data, a key one-two punch of local!  The usage based model allows publishers to tag business listings, housing or other content to provide increased user relevance. Developers can show neighborhoods and transit information on a map or index their content to create an enriched hyperlocal experience.

  • GeoLookup – Given the location of a mobile device, how can a user understand location? Maps are a good way, but often context is sufficient. Through reverse geocoding, developers can drill down and return place names associated with location. This is especially valuable with social/mobile applications where GeoLookup can serve as a filter to enforce user privacy.

To learn more, check out urbanmapping.com/adtech and register as a developer today!

Urban Mapping at Tableau Customer Conference in Washington DC

We’re again thrilled to be sponsoring the Tableau Customer Conference. Next week, September 8-11, TCC13 will be in full stride at the Galylord National Resort and Convention Center in Washington, DC. We’ll be running a session, hosting a geo drink-up, exhibiting and giving things away and hope you can make it! Details below and please be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest.

  • Stop by the exhibit hall, booth #306 and learn about our enhanced mapping solutions for Tableau.
  • RSVP for our geo drink up on Tues evening at a yet-to-be disclosed location!
  • RSVPing automatically enters you into a drawing for a shiny brand new Chicago Panamap and map coasters. Come by our booth to get a closer look and only one signup per person, please! but we’ll be raffling all day long, so your chances will remain strong!

Map Porn

  • We are running a pragmatic, hands-on, GSD-style session on Monday afternoon in Annapolis 3-4 from 4-5pm:

Geographic Analysis in Tableau: from Business Requirements to User Needs

Because Tableau natively leverages mapping capabilities from Urban Mapping, there is often a semantic and technical gap in addressing GIS needs. In this interactive session, Data Strategy & Visualization Consultant Leigh Fonseca and Urban Mapping President Ian White will dissect real-world case studies and translate business needs into actionable Tableau-driven results. During this hands-on session, you will learn how to:

  • dynamically map business measures
  • leverage the goodness of dual axis maps
  • use maps to evaluate sales by custom regions
  • report on marketing efficacy by industry recognized regions
  • report on election results by census track
  • view satellite imagery with your detailed city level data
  • customize your map views, boundaries and colors

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about geocoding, postal codes, great arcs, choropleth maps, heat maps and more, this session is for you.

We’re looking forward to seeing old friends, making new ones and having a great time– see you there!