Tableau Software the “Challenger” in Business Intelligence

A new Garter report on Business Intelligence platforms (a la Magic Quadrant) puts Tableau Software in the “challenger” quadrant, no more than a stone throw to many incumbent BI vendors. Why is this exciting for Urban Mapping? Because we are great fans of Tableau and support them in all elements of geo–we host their custom-rendered basemap, overlay demographic data and more…

Why is geographic analysis important in business intelligence tools? Gartner says it all:

When you need to know where to place a new retail outlet, or how to market to a population based on location (anyone in a specific postal code, for example) and demographics, you need to combine lots of market data from external data providers (such as Experian) and use forecasting and predictive analytic models to effectively target the right buyers. It’s more than just plotting results on a map; it’s getting a fuller view of prospects/customers and using that knowledge to drive business process.

In its analysis of Tableau, Gartner analysts say “Interactive analysis can be shared with a report consumer equipped with a Web browser. The combination of exceptional ease of use (“fun” is often used to describe Tableau by its users), with the ability to conduct sophisticated analysis, is a key reason users are exuberant with the platform.” We’re thrilled, too, and look forward to more great news from Tableau customers and analysts! Have a read of the Tableau Software case study if you would like to know more.