Forgottonia has a 67% voter turnout rate


With election season upon us, and political divisiveness at an all time high, we thought it a good time to look at a history of secessionist movements in the US. The initial idea was to see how the various movements (South Florida, West Kansas, Vandalia, etc…) would compare to other states by looking at economic, social and other indicators. We then thought on this more…the ideal of any political movement is to gain independence, so we thought further: what if each secessionist movement was its own country, and how would it stack up with other countries across general measures of health, economy, education, environment and more.

So that’s what we did. We researched and loaded would-be entities and used Mapfluence estimate statistics. The results are both curious and concerning. Our Secessionist Movements and National Indicators┬ámap allows you to look at the 30 or so US movements and 15 indicators (with more coming). Take it for a spin and let us know your thoughts–comments are welcome and even encouraged!

You can also use 48 well spent seconds and watch a video preview!

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