URBANWARE Mass Transit to the Masses

After our Mass Transit announcement last spring, UMI has been heads down, ingesting, normalizing, (re)validating, researching, verifying, and updating piles of mass transit-related information. Today we’re announcing the first of several key initiatives around public transportation: the Mass Transit Proximity API is born. Similar to our Neighborhood API, any bit (byte?) of content can be associated with relevant neighborhood (and now mass transit) information. A technical demo is available to help developers with documentation. Massively useful for business listings, real estate listings, mobile applications and a variety of other uses. We maintain an extensive collection of data elements and have several more exciting related announcements we’ll be making over the next few weeks. This one is the tip of the iceberg.

Why is this interesting/of note? Let’s say you run a real estate website. You have listings, demographic data, schools data, quality of live issues, etc…But what is the nearest subway station or bus stop? The Mass Transit Proximity API allows interactive publishers to append their content with UMI’s mass transit info, so that apartment for sale on 35 Charlton Street in Manhattan would have Houston Street Station (1, 2 train) and Spring Street Station (C, E train) associated with it. Sexy, no, but useful, massively. Do this with 100,000 new real estate listings per month or 15m business listings and there’s something consumers will like.

-The official news


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